Dress Code:  All students must have hair  pulled away from their face for each class.
Dance clothing must be worn for safety. Dance shirt and dance pants with leotard and tights.
No street clothing. I encourage Mountain View Dance shirts be worn weekly as a uniform.

Shoes are specific to class please check with MVD.
All shoes/attire can  be purchased twice a year at Mountain View for your convenience.

Business Hours:  Business must be conducted during posted hours of operation.
My need for privacy must be respected. Students and anyone accompanying students
must wait in the waiting room. It is the only designated area for clients.
No one may play or wait in the yard or porch area.

Class cancellation/Absence:  M.V.D. reserves the right to cancel or combine class
due to enrollment.  Missed lessons are made up in existing classes. Privates may attend
two classes in order to make up.

Inclement Weather:   M.V.D. closes when union 38 closes.

Tuition:  You have several options. The year can be paid in full or two payments.
We also have a monthly option, this is the yearly fee divided into 10 equal monthly
payments . The monthly amount does not change per month regardless of closings.
If tuition is not received by the 10th of each month  there is a 10.00 late fee charged.A 20.00 if not received by the 20TH.

Please enclose the late fee with your payment and place  it in the payment box or mail to 88 North Mountain rd.

Drop Out:   Not every child is meant to dance, if your child decides they no longer
wish to attend M.V.D. you are expected to notify us. Your tuition will stop two
  weeks after we receive that notification.You are responsible for half of the next months tuition
This enables M.V.D. an opportunity to fill
your child's space.

Performance:  All students are encouraged to participate in community performances.
Specific attire is required, M.V.D. shirts, black leotard, black dance pants,
tan tights, tan  shoes. Hair must be in a bun. Hair nets work wonders.

Fundraisers: I will offer fundraisers during the year to help offset cost. A percentage of each fundraiser will also aid the studio with recital and other related cost. You will earn 20% of most fundraisers.

This will ensure Mountain View ability to keep ticket prices at an affordable price. You may make a monitary contribution an amount of your choice instead of participation in the fundraiser. The donation is due when the fundraiser is due.members are required to participate in 3 fundraisers per year.

Members  must  submit three ads  for the annual program booklet .This can be business or stargrams. If you would like to submit more, the help is always appreciated.

Tuition-registration fee-dance attire: All fees are non-refundable
Shelburne classes follow same policy  and will perform in the June dance recital held at Frontier regional High school

I appreciate your concern regarding all studio matters, feel free to contact me at any time 665-7679

Please keep a business card for quick reference, Mountain View Dance
is not listed in the phone book. I'm listed under Tammy Thompson.

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